Welcome to the Most Profitable Cards to Grade Tool

This tool allows you to search for cards based on various parameters such as language, number of cards, liquidity, price range, chance for PSA 10, and specific words to exclude from the search. Please fill out the form below to start your search.
PICK YOUR INPUT VALUES, and click Search!

The Liquidity Score is calculated by adding up the Raw, PSA 7,8,9,10 sales per day. A score of 5 is one sale per day, but keep in mind this includes raw cards, so utilize the links to the data to investigate. Price Charting utilizes ebay sales only.

Liquidity Score vs. Sales per Day

This data is gathered utilizing pricecharting.com and psacard.com links will be attached to each piece of data that is used if further investigation is desired.

If no data is returned or less than the number of cards requeseted is returned, try adjusting the parameters to be less restrictive. THIS DATA IS UPDATED ABOUT EVERY 16 HOURS. If you notice out of date data, let me know and I will kick the code.